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Why I Started This Blog!

There are a lot of fitness bloggers out there that are way more qualified than I am to be sharing fitness tips and routines. And I, myself, follow a few of them for my own inspiration and motivation. So why am I even sharing my fitness journey then?

Well, I’ve always desired for Happily Howards to be a place of encouragement, inspiration, and positivity by sharing my life. And fitness has become a part of my life and is now a source of confidence and positivity for me personally.

So my hope isn’t to annoy anyone by changing up my content to now include fitness (I promise I won’t be annoying with it, btw!) nor is it to be braggy in any way. I simply hope to share something that’s become a big part of my life, inspire those that are wanting to incorporate fitness into their own lives, and encourage overall confidence and health in my readers.

Here's My Promise...

So y’all can be keeping an eye out, here are the rest of the blog posts in this workout series that I’ll be posting over the next two months or so:

  • How I Stay Motivated
  • My Current Workouts (with exact exercises via video, reps, & helpful tips) – Day 1 (Chest & Shoulders), Day 2 (Legs), & Day 3 (Back, Biceps, & Triceps)
  • What’s In My Gym Bag
  • My Workout Style (with recommended places to shop for cute outfits, outfit inspo, and gym must-haves)

Are there any other workout-related posts you’d like to see? Let me know

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